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Disaster Recovery is the most effective data recovery process available. By maintaining duplicate data at a remote location, your data recovery efforts decrease dramatically and, in some cases, no effort is required at all.

Companies have come to realize their proprietary information is the most valuable asset they have. Their data needs to be seriously guarded, yet be readily available to authorized personnel. Industry regulations, court rulings and political unrest remind us how important it is to protect data.

The need to make information available is continually increasing, so the typical information storage environment is losing the battle.

An effective disaster recovery program doesn't begin when trouble strikes. To continue your operations with minimal disruption during a time of crisis, a coherent business continuance plan must be in place prior to a disaster. Such a program enables you to continue your business operations during and after times of crisis. When information technology is the backbone of your business, you must make practical decisions to ensure the viability of your operations.

For most companies, basic decisions about Disaster Recovery depends on their assessment of the importance of the data that needs to be preserved. However, off-site backup is the core of the dramatic improvement in existing recovery practices.

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